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Delivering real results through creative, data-driven digital marketing strategies

Diamond Writes provides strategic communications for individuals, businesses and corporate organisations to help achieve set goals and aspirations. Our communication services include professional audio and video transcription, B2B and B2C copywriting, content writing for publications, blogs and website, blog management, proofreading and editing.

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We transcribe audio for legal, medical, podcast, conferences, PR and media contents.
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We offer editorial services for corporate and individual clients by doing a thorough dissection of the copy to ensure conformity to ethics, logic, the rules of grammar
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Creative Content Writing & Copywriting
Do you need content for your personal or business websites, blogs, media publications - press releases, newsletter, email marketing messages, seminars, webinars, and others?
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Social Media Management
We lead people with what they want, what they’ve already said, and from where they’re at, with the things that concern them
We provide Reliable & Cost Effective
Quality features & professionals
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We work with a Dedicated Team of experts

Our Mission & Vision

Let us Help you We provide strategic communication for individuals, business and corporate firms that save their time, ease them of editorial stress, and help them achieve more through our professionalism and resourcefulness in job execution and delivery.

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We are available and ready to work with you and provide you with quality services.

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Why Choose our Writing Services?

If you are wondering why our company can give you best professional help, here are some of our advantages

Fast turnaround.

Lack of time to write a paper is our customer’s number one complaint. This is why we offer many deadline options as well as short deadline option where we deliver the work in one or two days. If you have more time to turn in your paper, you can always select a deadline days away from the time of request and pay less. We are here to fulfill your needs.

Expert Writers.

Once you submit your request, we’ll connect you with one of our professional writers. We accept only the best writers out there so you can be sure that what we’ll give you is the best service possible.

Great Reviews.

We understand that you can never be sure of our company’s quality of service simply by reading what we have to say. This is why all of our customer reviews are available to you. There, you’ll be able to see what other people who have received our help have to say about us.

Quality Standards.

Our company makes sure that every paper that reaches the customers is of best quality possible.

Our editorial team checks every paper for plagiarism, proper resources, formatting, grammar and spelling mistakes to be completely positive that what you get is perfect.

How Our Writing Service Works

Once you have submitted your request, we’ll find a writer/transcriber that best suit your need.

What you’ll have to do is state the following:

  • Number of pages or audio clips
  • Sources required
  • Your desired deadline


Once your writer is done writing, we’ll proofread the copy to be sure that it turned out accurately. Then we’ll send the error free copy to you.

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